Tool cases

Complete equipment which features the best woodworking tools, with quick adjustments and interchangeable blades so you don't have to worry about sharpening. Shock-resistant, lightweight and easily portable. Specially designed for cabinetmakers, woodworkers and woodworking enthusiasts.. Each case comes with a choice of carpenter tools adapted to your needs. They have foam inserts to effectively protect your tools and allow for easy transport. In addition, the Systainer T-loc system allows them to be clipped together to group them in a homogeneous way.

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  1. Systainer 220 Exclusive + Systainer 220 Exclusive +

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    Case for handplanes and rebates planes

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Tool cases

A must-have for anyone working with wood, a case contains a set of tools to organize and transport them easily. It can be made of metal or plastic, and can vary in size. It is as useful in the workshop as it is on a construction site.

How to choose a tool case ?

Having a complete tool case adapted to your work remains essential to work in good conditions, whether you are a carpenter, cabinetmaker, woodworking enthusiast or other. To do this, you need to decide what equipment you are going to need, and choose a case that can easily and safely hold all those tools. The type of case is an important criteria when selecting your equipment. If you don't need a lot of equipment that can be easily transported, a simple metal or plastic tool case of small size will do. Otherwise, you will need a larger case with systems such as handles or wheels to facilitate its movement.

The value of the Systainer system

Systainer cases are designed to optimize storage and transportation of tools while saving space. They are rigid cases, often made of plastic, which can be stacked and clipped together, and can have wheels and a handle, sometimes telescopic. They allow you to carry several toolboxes at once. It is a solid system that allows to resist the shock and gives robustness to the tool cases. These cases of various sizes are adapted to small manual tools as well as to larger ones, especially power tools, and are compatible between the different models.

Our equipment cases

Whatever is your crafting activity, the various hard tool cases at your disposal are adapted to everyone's needs. In addition to being a suitable storage space, our cases come with a variety of tools that allow you to always be organized, ready and operational. From chisels and hand planes to rabbet planes, blades and accessories, you'll find everything you need for your woodworking projects with Systainer cases.

RALI Versatility

dapted to transport, your cases are resistant thanks to the Systainer system which guarantees the transport of your material in the best possible conditions. The interior foam allows your tools to be perfectly wedged and protected against possible shocks in the workshop as well as on site. The clip locking system guarantees a solid closure and quick access to your equipment. Your case is spacious, which allows you to have a clear and fast access to your tools. Your cases are designed to be transported to your work sites in the best conditions. Wheels make it easy to transport, handles allow you to carry them without hindrance, all while keeping your tools in place. They can be stacked to allow transport in number, and their lightness makes them easier to handle.

A variety of powerful tools

Each Systainer case comes with specific tools to meet different needs. They are composed of RALI woodworking equipment. Among this material, you will find multipurpose wood chisels (tool holders), allowing you to make assemblies or roughen a piece of wood, to scrape it or to cut it thanks to their multipurpose tool holder. You will also find various sets of hand planes. From planing planes perfect for planing surfaces, to bull planes useful for planing corners, to rabbet planes for making bevels, these planes are as useful for roughing as they are for finishing. You'll also have your own set of blades for each tool, saving you time by not having to sharpen your tools. Maintenance supplies are also provided in Systainer tool cases.

Customized RALI cases

To best meet your needs, it is also possible to make your case customized to your need. This case will allow you to compose a case with a large quantity of tools for a professional use or a limited quantity of material in a transportable case. Choose the tool holders, planes, accessories you need and get a preview of your order.