Systainer 220 Evolution N

La total en chrome pour les Pros, rangé de manière parfaite dans sa valise systainer.
Function Case for handplanes and rebates planes
Color orange
Made in RALI
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This is a complete equipment case: Planes + Rebates planes with its new systainer case snap-on. Its Systainer case allows you to take all your tools to the job site. Always stored, always ready, always operational with its interchangeable blades.

The Systainer 220 Evolution N case includes :

- 1 systainer snap-on RALI + 2 protective foam
- 1 hand plane  RALI 220 Evolution N
- 1 One-handed plane RALI 105 Evolution N
- 1 Rebate plane RALI G30 Evolution N
- 1 Rebate plane RALI B30 Evolution N
- 1 Rebate plane RALI G03 Evolution N
- 1 Rebate plane guide for G03 Evolution N
- 1 Scraper 
- 1 Maintenance kit
- 1 carbide steel blade 48 mm
- 1 carbide steel blade 30 mm
- 18 Chrome steel blade 48 mm
- 13 Chrome steel blade 30 mm

Key points case Systainer 220 Evolution N

The complete offer for handplanes

All the necessary handplanes for pros in one Systainer

A complete protection

All your tools are perfectly stalled, protected against shocks

Mobile in every moment

The perfect system to bring on every construction site

5 years warranty offered

The SWISS CARE warranty is offered for any purchase of Evolution N handplane.
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Demonstration of case Systainer 220 Evolution N

Technical sheet case Systainer 220 Evolution N

L x H x W396x296x157
FunctionCase for handplanes and rebates planes